Live Demo of the virtual GayMans NightClub!

Demo on Mobile.

Supports voice & video messages in Firefox, Firefox Mobile and any desktop/mobile Chromium-based browser - Chrome, Chrome Mobile, Opera, Brave, Vivaldi.

Best viewed on any device - from 4-inch smartphones to huge 8k displays.
Resizable layout, run it fullscreen or in iframes as small as 360x360px (see the video above).
Registration system allowing 'guest' users.
An innovative method to reset forgotten passwords without sending emails.
Online Status: Online, Away, Occupied, Unavailable, DND
Ignore option - chatters can choose to hide messages from other chatters.
Private one-2-one chats inside the main chat window.
Flood control - forced interval between messages.
Different sound notifications on (1) new messages, (2) when users enter/leave chat, (3) private messages, (4) messages in the background.
Material icons, EmojiOne emoticons, native emojis, stickers & Tenor GIFs.
Doodle, share and play doodles in chat, doodle on images.
User settings: language, sound on/off, 24h/12h. Automatic timezone.
UTF-8 multilanguage support incl. usernames with non-Latin letters.
Frontend translated in Čeština, Dansk, Deutsch, Ελληνικά, English, Español, Français, Bahasa Indonesia, Italiano, Magyar, Nederlands, Polski, Português-BR, Română, Русский, Türkçe.
Predefined mottos, users can put their own one-line motto instead.
A set of avatars to pick from and an option to upload an image/photo.
Room and PM transcripts
A custom panel tab and a top-panel block to load custom content such as online radio station.
User groups with permissions.
Stealth users - invisible in chat; do not appear in logs
Admins & Moderators can kick/mute and ban users and IP addresses directly from chat.
Any file can be uploaded and posted in chat: images, audio mp3 and video mp4 that are recognized automatically and can be streamed while a link to any other file is displayed instead. Users can share and watch YouTube & Vimeo videos, Giphy GIFs, post & listen to SoundCloud tracks, playlists and AudioBoom podcasts. Users can post an address and display in chat a map (Google Maps), source code (the language is recognized and highlighted) and there is also an IRC-like /roll dice feature (up to 99d99 with sum/avg).

  1. Welcome -  to the First Nightclub in Bracknell but not just Bracknell, Berkshire too. I started this idea because there are not many places to go for gay guys, especially in Bracknell, so it gave me an idea to make a night club but a virtual one online. So there is a lot more to this than just another app with old guys on it, it is a common complaint I found in my research. Grindr is an app I hate because it is so dangerous for anyone not just the young. I have found that the old fashion way to meet guys online has been forgotten and has made it more dangerous for people to get to know each other without Adverts and restrictions that should all be free.
  2. Options - All options are free in my club, Voice Clips and Video Clips are 60 seconds long and FREE! No restrictions or adverts trying to get you to pay money for a perk, I am the only one paying for this innovation. I think you need to see the person at least once on cam before getting to know them. You Can post your location in the room if you want with the google map option, example RG12....
  3. DJ's - If you want to be a DJ you can post your live stream links into the room. Bouncers - Bouncers can kick and mute others if we get any bashing going on. PROTECTORS - Protectors are the highest level like Super Admin and are Invibale in the chat room but can still text in the room, they are to stop under aged children coming in and have more power to kick, mute and ban.
  4. REMEMBER -Your user panel is at the top left corner, just three dots like ... but you won"t see these and other options if you are running Aguard or Ublock
  5. NO LOGS ARE KEPT APART FROM LOGIN DETAILS! - Use the share buttons to share the room on other social networks to spread the word. BUT ABOVE ALL HAVE FUN!

Ever Noticed That Every Dating App Has The Same People on it?
Bracknell has no Gay clubs and all we have is totally dangerous apps like Grindr!
I have made a safe website with a nightclub atmosphere to it calling it a Virtual Gay Night Club.
It is a great idea and its the best way to meet others without stupid adverts, also a safe place to go.
Safety, Help and awareness are at the top of my list and to protect the innocent .
Above! all freedom of speech!
Welcome to Club Paradise The First Of It's kind!
Well, This is the best fun dating and hookup website for Gay guys in Bracknell and surrounding area. You must be over 18 years old to come in but the legal age of consent in the UK is 16?. This is a place of fun, making new friends and learning of each other or even a place to get some help on being Gay. It is up to you I believe in freedom of speech. If you get Caught underage in the club then your not coming in!

A Virtual Gay Nightclub For The Bracknell Guys over 18's of course.



Email me if you have any questions, or want to be a Bouncer or Protector.